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Angle steel, commonly known as Angle iron, is a long strip of steel that is perpendicular to each oth

er and angular...

Aluminum plate is the thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 500

mm, more than 200mm width,leng

th within 16m aluminum...

Rectangular tube, or rectangular tu
be. Rectangular tube is a hollow lon
g steel, also known as flat tube, flat square tube or square flat tube...
Aluminum round pipe is a com
mon building material, with lig
ht weight and corrosion resista

Aluminum coil is a metal product for flying shear by casting and rol

ling machine after calendering, dr

awing and bending...

Aluminum square tube is Al-Mg-Si alloy, medium strength, has good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance...

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SORT:In the aluminum alloy grade is representative, the following is according to the 7075T651 aluminum plate grade as an example.The first 7 indicates aluminum and aluminum alloy groups - aluminum...
Aluminium coil classification:1000seriesThe 1000 series aluminum plate is also known as pure aluminum plate, and the 1000 series belongs to a series with the largest amount of aluminum in all serie...
SORT:Aluminum pipe is mainly divided into the following types according to shape: square pipe, round pipe, pattern pipe, shaped pipe, global aluminum pipe. According to the extrusion method: seamle...
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